Whether your kitchen is bland, stuck in the doldrums and is missing that exciting something to lend it a creative chicness, or the space is already stylish and merely is begging for a final touch to tie it all together, a backsplash might be just the product you must have. Imagine an exemplary marble piece ornamenting the wall in your space, or a polished tile mosaic bringing your wall vibrancy and beauty; backsplashes are really flexible and can craft a paramount level of individuality to your kitchen’s design.

Offered in stone, glass, metal, big tiles or smaller ones positioned into a mosaic, the choices that we give you are surprising. Choose from a set of default backsplashes guaranteed to excite you, or build one using little tiles and pieces of bric-a-brac for your own markedly different ambiance. There’s a backsplash to fit any color scheme, from nature-inspired shades created with tiles or stone, to bold jewel shades created with glass. A backsplash might do for a kitchen what an area rug may do for a den.

The inherent use of a backsplash is to protect the walls and make your kitchen less laborious to keep clean, which is why we have an immeasurable myriad of easy to maintain materials, like glass, ceramic, stone, metal and porcelain. At US Kitchen & Flooring, we’re committed not only to making your interior more adorned, but also to making your home renovation simple. We’re so pledged to this goal that we even offer installments for all of our backsplashes. Our seasoned, accommodating remodeling craftspeople will place your kitchen piece with the precision and attention to detail of a fine artist.

There’s no time like the present. Transform your kitchen into a display of regality. To learn more about our backsplashes, or to organize a deadline for our installation services, call (949) 600-5150 to contact us by phone, e-mail us at or access our home renovating store in Laguna Hills.